Higher than average snowfall in Burlington, Vermont and

across the Northeast had my friends and I scrambling to hit as many

things as possible while the snow was still around. I think I only

made it to a ski resort 3 or 4 times before years end. When the

holidays rolled around it was time to head home to New York and of

course we hit some things on the way back.


    Then it

happened. Rain. Lots of it. It had to happen sometime I guess. On

Christmas Eve, I headed west with my family to visit our relatives in

San Francisco. The melting snow made the snowless week ahead somewhat

more bearable. After enjoying Christmas time in the Bay Area, we

drove back to the airport on New Years Eve. Just before checking our

bags, I found out I would be going to Denver to do some rails with

Level 1 productions the following day. I was pumped to say the least

and when we arrived home in Rochester, NY just 10 minutes before

2008, I scrambled to pack my things, grabbed 3 hours of sleep and it

was back to the airport bright and early.        



arriving and trying to figure out what time zone my body was in, I took

a nap and we started the week long grind railing quest. One

particular highlight of the trip was being kicked out of a rail by a 70

something year old man who drove his jeep up a sidewalk path, paused

for a second, and proceeded to floor it through our jump which was

large and set back from the rail for disasters. Other memorable

moments include skiing in a football field full of geese poop, meeting

a 2 week old puppy named Amazing Jake, and of course participating in

some fancy rail hopping. Overall, it went super well and going back

to school has not been easy. We had 50s, pouring rain, and lots of

lifts on wind hold today, but it looks like the Annual January thaw is

coming to an end soon.

RIP Disaster Jump

Rail Hopping

Big Thanks to Connor Walberg for taking the pictures (http://www.connorwalbergphoto.com)

Have a great season and see you out there.