It's that time of year again, folks: Newschoolers' 2007 Movie Trailers page is now online. We've got the scoop on all the ski flicks you'll want to see this fall—pre-order prices and links, synopses and all that jazz—plus all of the trailers on our brand-new Flash player, complete with full-screen mode! But hold your horses there Manchamba, you're going to need the most recent version of Flash Player to enjoy these fine cinematic moments.Once you've got that taken care of, go on and take a gander at the new Movie Trailers page. You'll like it. We promise.Last but not least, if you're the director/producer/leading man/woman/gaffer/set technician/camera bitch/whiny hanger-on for the most ballin' ski video coming out this fall, and you're NOT ON OUR LIST... how dare you! Follow this nifty blue, underlined hyperlink to find out how to submit your movie's info to NS and hype your work to the worldwide ski community!