"Totally" Trevor Jansen is one unique dude, from his possible cat obsession, to thumbgunning prowess all the way to the out there animated pre-roll for his web series. The crazy antics and smooth skiing of his edits have brought Trevor web-wide recognition and Newschoolers fame. Why has he been so successful? by doing things his own weird way, just try and watch any of his edits without cracking a smile. But beneath the floodwater purifying, cat-loving, kid-counseling, keystone-shredding webmaster, who is Totally Trevor?

1. Who are you?

Name's Trevor, I'm 23, I grew up in Wisconsin but I've lived in Colorado for three years. Now I go to school in Boulder and it's pretty "chill".

Photo: Brent La Fleur

2. Why do people like you?

Let me answer your question with another question. Why do people like me?

3. Describe yourself in 7 words, no more, no less?

I wrote a haiku instead.

Trevor, not a girl

Tiny, little, baby boy

Such a precious boy

4. What's up with you and cats?

As a kid my family had two really old cats. Then we had a fat cat. They sucked for the most part. Then we got some SICK cats, and I realized how much cooler cats are than everything else.

5. What would you be like as a cat?

Inside cat.

Photo: Trevor's facebook

6. You have a great relationship with newschoolers, explain that?

I love newschoolers.

7. Do your edits really represent your life/approach to skiing or is it kind of put on?

Yeah representative for the most part. Obviously you do stuff while editing to give an edit the vibe you want, like song choice and what not. But we always have a lot of filmer noises and yelling on film...stuff like that I like to keep in edits cause I think it's funny.

8. Would you still film edits if no one watched them?

Hmm. Maybe? Filming and editing can be a pain in the ass, and I think the whole point of making edits is to show people what you did. Editing can be really fun sometimes though, so I'd still make edits, but I probably wouldn't be as motivated to get the camera out as often. With that being said, please don't stop watching my edits to get me to stop making them :)

Photo: Matt Sklar

9. What do you think of the response your edits get online and your internet stardom?

I'm always stoked on the amount of views/comments/ratings my edits get, cause when I started making edits five years ago all I wanted was for people to watch them and comment on them. No one ever did. Some of my old edits have like six comments. Five of which were from my close friends who were in the edit, and their aliases.

10. Any advice for aspiring internet superstars?

Make sure you're on the internet as much as possible.

Photo: Matt Sklar

11. Shoutouts?

twenty2 crew, hoodcrew, Jeff n Sal, CREASTON, Brenden, Chris Herr, Spencer Harkins, Max Camp, Brent Flower, my roommates Calvin and Noah, every random little newschooler who has ever said anything to me, Arsenic Apparel and TallT Dan, RUNA, the Surf Nazis, Will Berman, Ricky Jetspin, Traveling Circus, Chug Life, and everyone else.

12. So, you have an energy drink sponsor, how'd you get hooked up by RUNA?

Last summer working at Woodward during Wanderlust (BIG yoga festival at Copper Mountain) I took my campers through all of the product tents and we found a tent giving out energy drinks (kids LOVE energy drinks). A couple of the other counselors and I started talking to the guys working the RUNA tent, we got their contact info, and it turns out one of the guys is an OG newschooler from his high school days back in 2002 and knew of my edits.

13. How did growing up in the mean streets of Wisconsin influence your skiing?

I wanna say that growing up in Wisconsin has allowed me to appreciate sketchy stuff. I mostly ski at Keystone now, which is just gr8, but I still love skiing some little hill's run-down park, or hiking a stupid log jib at Loveland for two hours, or competing in the sketchiest of rail jams.

Photo: Trevor's facebook

14. How hard do you rage at CU frat parties?

Man I wish I could say I've been into a frat...I did go into a sorority once though. I got a free ticket to nacho night (shouts out trina_sig), and it was all you can eat nachos. Lemme tell ya, it was great.

15. Can I be your friend?

We are friends, remember when we almost made time to see each other over Winter Break this year?

Photo: My Snapchat

16. How serious do you think skiing is/should be taken?

As serious as you want. The whole "I have more fun skiing than you" mindset is just as cliché as a black and white gangster edit at Breck nowadays.

17. Thumb-gunning beverage of choice?

Old Milwaukee. It just doesn't get any better than that. I really want to find a can of milk to thumbgun someday though. I'm pretty sure I saw some in the 7-11 at the base of Cottonwood Canyon two years ago.

18. Do your parents watch your edits?

My parents don't really get my edits, but are stoked that I make 'em. I remember when I was showing my parents my first season edit four years ago and halfway through my dad says "so which one of these guys is you?".

19. Are you working at woodward again this summer?

Absolutely! They're getting a lift for the big park this year. hype

Trevor is great with the kids!

20. What's your favorite edit you've made and why?

I have a lot of favorite edits that I've made because they all bring back great memories, lemme narrow it down to top five in no particular order.

-Roadtrip to Summit Boardshop in Minnesota because it was one of my first little trips for skiing.

-PIPE JOCKS (not just park rats) because it was weird and we skied pipe (kinda).

-Both of Conner and I's surf edits.

-anything with sketchy urban that Conner and I have made, cause sketchy urban is the best.

-Our Orange Masters entry from last year, because we almost got to go to Orage masters and it was all the bangers from two seasons.

So that's like eight edits, but last time I counted I think I had pretty close to a hundred videos uploaded to newschoolers, so that's not bad!


Thanks for the Questions!