Yes, it finally happened!  I finally got that magazine cover in the continent I actually live in!  This shot is in SBC Skier Magazine out of Canada.  This shoot was crazy, had all the recipie for complete disaster however turned out to be the most successful single photo shoot I’ve ever been to.  We had wind, rain, a deteriorating pipe, more wind, more rain, some gloppy snow, yah the weather was interesting!  It did work out to say the least though, so far it’s gotten me 2 covers with 2 seperate shots, and a few other pretty big sales and a bunch of other editorial coverage.  I couldn’t be more stoked as I got to shoot in a pipe the way I had envisioned shooting it at night and it paid off in every sense.  Huge thanks to Dan Norkunas and AJ DeSaint Phalle at Rage Films and the guys over at Tamarack Resort, and of course to Mike Mertion for hitting that pipe hit at least 15 times when I had it setup like this for making this shoot happen.