The battle is on again!  So continues the never ending fight between the two largest manufacturers of camera equipment. Usually we wouldn't mention new camera releases, but this time the two cameras are every action sports photographer's dream.  Recently both Canon and Nikon announced new flagship bodies.  For Canon this is the new 1Dx, which combines the best of the 1D and 1Ds Canon Pro bodies.  Nikon on the other hand released their next top of the line machine gun, the Nikon D4.From what you could expect both cameras have a ton of small improvements and a few stellar new features.  They shoot more mega pixels, are capable of more fps, and produce less noise.  Both of them top off at 204 800 ISO, which basically gives the cameras night vision .  For action sports shooters like us, this will make a difference when it comes to keeping high shutter speeds while still retaining nice clean images.There are also a couple more features and upgrades found on both bodies.  Like all new carbon shutters capable of 400 000 cycles, LAN port for easy connectivity with any computer, new auto focus systems, much larger metering sensor and two new joysticks on the back .Another great upgrade is in the video department.  Both camera's have audio monitoring and adjusting, a feature pro's have been looking for since the first integration of video in a DSLR.  The Nikon also has an exciting new feature that let's you shoot at full HD using smaller parts of the sensor.  In 1920×1080 mode you gain a 2.7x zoom with any lens.  A surfing filmers dream come true!  It also shoots at 1.5x, or full frame for the most depth of field.Take a look at some of the key specs:

We are aware that these are top of the line cameras with big price tags and not all of us will be able to afford them.  But if you wanted to buy one, or if you were going to buy one, which one would it be and why?