In the mayhem of Skitoberfest we came across a pile of skis we misplaced. A hidden stash of 2009 Colby West Pro's and 2010 Rossignol S1's were found hidden in the back of our warehouse so we figured the best thing to do is sell them for super cheap.We knocked 'em both down to $149 and we know after trashing your skis on your summer setups there are plenty of you that could use a good cheap ski.

The Colby West Pro is his 2009 CoreUPT signature model. Super poppy with a full sidewall the CWP has the edge hold and snap to kill it anywhere in the park and the durability to take the abuse. We have 6 pair of 175cm left so jump on em. Use the coupon code GarageColby to get the $149 deal.

The S1 Squindo is the 2010 graphic and other than that is the same ski today. Nothing fancy but a solid wood core, cap construction make for a great jib ski that is super light weight with good pop. Perfect for anyone looking for a more forgiving park ride or just getting into freestyle riding. We have 158cm and 168cm lengths left that you can score for $149 with the code GarageRossi.

Both of these deals are just for the NewSchoolers community and will be running until Sunday. That means jump on them before your friends do and beat the October 23rd deadline.

Happy Skiing