Here is my season edit, check it out, I hope you like it!

09/010 Season Compilation! from Jeff Amantea on Vimeo.

and here is the ski journal I kept from this season:

#1-Oct. 4th/09 - double barrel in the backyard.

#2-Oct. 6th/09 - dub barrel.

#3-Oct. 8th/09 - "       "             

#4-Oct. 9th/09 - "       "              

#5-Oct. 26th/09 - Snow! flat bar at jubilee. bunch tricks

#6-Oct. 27th/09 - flatbar jubilee.

#7-Oct. 28th/09 - jubilee.

#8-Oct. 29th/09 - tricks on flatbar at jubilee.  

#9-Oct. 30th/09 - tore out heelpiece.

#10-Nov. 8th/09 - epoxied heelpiece back on, flatbox shred at jubilee.                                                                                                       #11-Nov.12th/09 - 26ft flatbox at jubilee. New boots.                                                                                                                                  #12-Nov.13th/09 - long box jubilee. bunch of new snow, sticking to bases.

#13-Nov.14th/09 - long box jubilee. solid sesh. R.I.P. johan kruus.

#14-Nov.15th/09 - jubilee box.                                                                                                                                                                       #15-Nov.16th/09 - built bflipper at jubilee - too dark to hit. Hopefully it doesnt rain too much tonight to hit it tomorrow.

#16-Nov.17th/09 - too melty for bflipper. tailpress blind 2 out though. grad photo day.

#17-Nov.19th/09 - backflip day! stoked! used rossvegas bungee for fence gap/soccer net bonk. pimp.                                                    #18-Nov.20th/09 - more bflips.

#19-Nov.21st/09 - bootpacked up Granite, shredded Papoose and Center Star. Great snow, didnt hit anything.

#20-Nov.22nd/09 - tired from Granite excursion, did some bflips at jubilee.

#21-Nov.24th/09 - uprail at jubilee.

#22-Nov.25th/09 - bungee shreddin, bobcat tap in caldera at ski hill, rail infront of maclean. so fun!                                                          #23-Nov.28th/09 - Whitewater opener. faceshots. awesome day!

#24-Nov.29th/09 - bootpack granite. sketchy.

#25-Dec.11th/09 - Jubilee with berg.

#26-Dec.12th/09 - Red opens, sick day. 2nd cooler, dougs, golden chariot all sick.

#27-Dec.13th/09 - skied out, shredded around.

#28-Dec.17th/09 - after lunch pow. ate shit on a barrel roll. fun times!

#29-Dec.18th/09 - heavyisher pow. still fun on north aspects.

#30-Dec.19th/09 - powwwwda, captain jack's trees (rip), pow fields, windows.

#31-Dec.20th/09 - rain crusty, road the donner partys. sketchy on the groomers

#32-Dec.21st/09 - kinda heavy pow. fun stuff on the DPs

#33-Dec.22nd/09 - really good pow day. so many bflips and charging.                                                                                                       #34-Dec.23rd/09 - skied out, did some bflips and main bombers.

#35-Dec.24th/09 - christmas eve.  watched homeboys huck their meat on whitewolf jump. crazy.

#36-Dec.25th/09 - merry christmas! some fun afternoon laps with dad.

#37-Dec.26th/09 - boxing day, sunny morning laps before shinny game.

#38-Dec.27th/09 - icy park laps, sprained the thumb.

#39-Dec.28th/09 - nachos. and some skiing...

#40-Dec.29th/09 - 2cms of POW skied short squaw many times. poochies was terrrrrible.

#41-Dec.30th/09 - little more snow, skied linx bunch times.

#42-Dec.31st/09 - fell into mine shaft in poochies and popped the bad shoulder out. fuck!

#43-Jan.1st/010 - cant pole plant, only did one run.

#44-Jan.2nd/010 - Sling shredding! paleface faceshots!

#45-Jan.3rd/010 - fun day, getting the hang of skiing with one arm again

#46-Jan.5th/010 - Saw explosion and sparks from power lines. motherlode and red down. two laps on silverlode then went to school.

#47-Jan.7th/010 - Good afternoon, really sunny, still some freshies on red.                                                                                                   #48-Jan.8th/010 - fun turns on ODB trees and under coolers. ate bunch nachoes.

#49-Jan.9th/010 - coached freeski academy, showed them all the lines on linx.

#50-Jan.10th/010 - freezing rain and fogg, did six runs. Snow is still ok.

#51-Jan.12th/010 - rain at bottom, snow level just below top of red. park laps before school.

#52-Jan.14th/010 - pow, heavy down low, but still sick.

#53-Jan.15th/010 - pow!! got a coach pass for the comp, got on the lift at 7 and managed to get 9 righteous runs in before school at 11.

#54-Jan.16th/010 - skied from 7-3. pretty long, but fun day.

#55-Jan.17th/010 - fuuuuuuuuuun powwda.

#56-Jan.19th/010 - park laps before school.

#57-Jan.21st/010 - coaching academy kids in the park. skied home for the first time this year, back of red sucked.

#58-Jan.23rd/010 - railjam in town, tons of fun. came in first.

#59-Jan.24th/010 - more railjammin, so much fun!

#60-Jan.27th/010 - Scoped bflipper locations on red.

#61-Jan.28th/010 - built bflipper in regulat spot then shredded some fun laps.

#62-Jan.29th/010 - bunch of park laps. fun!

#63-Jan.30th/010 - park laps, long squaw shredding, and face bombers.

#64-Jan.31st/010 - shred laps in paradise, 3 complaints to ski patrol in half an hour!

#65-Feb.2nd/010 - 5cms of POW! new snow softened everything up.

#66-Feb.3rd/010 - Linx laps with ski academy.

#67-Feb.5th/010 - fernie shreddd.

#68-Feb.6th/010 - moar fernie

#69-Feb.7th/010 - fernie is fun.

#70-Feb.8th/010 - park laps and some paradise carving.

#71-Feb.9th/010 - exhibition laps. snow kinda sucks, skied to school.

#72-Feb.11th/010 - little bit of snow, softened errrthang up, made skiing moar fun!

#73-Feb.12th/010 - heavy pow. fun day.

#74-Feb.13th/010 - leftover pow, bunch of paradise laps, bunch of handdrags.

#75-Feb.14th/010 - pow! 1st cooler, natty brown, lots of shredding!

#76-Feb.15th/010 - pow still good! met a crazy kiwi today. charlie bought me a poutine.

#77-Feb.16th/010 - pillow lines in cambodia/waterfall.                                                                                                                                 #78-Feb.17th/010 - bflips, flat 3s, handdrag underflips on lil jump on red.

#79-Feb.18th/010 - hit rail in yard until it broke.

#80-Feb.19th/010 - park laps and red laps.

#81-Feb.20th/010 - park and paradise laps.

#82-Feb.21st/010 - weenie roast in pits, did some backflips and a flat 3, hurt ankle on a bflip. Fun AS day!                                                  Feb.24th/010 - *Rest In Peace CR Johnson*

#83-Feb.25th/010 - sore ankle, did a couple backtrails and sally's alley.

#84-Feb.26th/010 - ankle slightly better, shredded around.

#85-Feb.27th/010 - fun pow day, lines in natty brown, masquerader, and coolers. ankle still pretty sore.

#86-Feb.28th/010 - sunny day, hockey team wins gold!!!, face bombers and salley's.

#87-Mar.1st/010 - gatekeeper for provincials, did some boardercross laps and park laps. sunny.

#88-Mar.2nd/010 - mor gate keeping, slayed some park with berg and dane.

#89-Mar.3rd/010 - last day keeping gates, bunch of slushy park laps.

#90-Mar.4th/010 - park stuff, rail hits and hit boosts.

#91-Mar.5th/010 - fuun day in the park. cork 3 hand draggers                                                                                                                    #92-Mar.6th/010 - rail jam in the park. I won nbd. fun sessh for sure!

#93-Mar.7th/010 - so many nachos! sally's alley laps and longsquaw. demoed some fat y pus skis, they were really dope skis.

#94-Mar.8th/010 - 10 cms of snow. kind of dust on crust. Links, short squaw pretty good.

#95-Mar.9th/010 - everything pretty hard, mellow day.

#96-Mar.IOth/010 - a whole bunch of afternoon park laps.  I'm over park.  I want real skiiiiiiiing!!!

#97-Mar.11th/010 - POW is BACK!! pretty sick day!, better tomorrow!

#98-Mar.12th/010 - best day of the year! skied with poles, shoulder felt alright. super hungover                                                                  #99-Mar.13th/010 - best day of the year! sunnnny, got some shots!

#100-Mar.14th/010 - sunnny, skied some skied out pow.

#101-Mar.15th/010 - sunny, slushy facebombers all day.

#102-Mar.16th/010 - rebuilt the bowl jump. not quite finished.  Will be siiiiiiiick. did some laps on salley's and face.

#103-Mar.17th/010 - finished bowl jump, worked on inrun. will probably finish tomorrow. b-track, salley's, face-bombers.

#104-Mar.18th/010 - BJ finished. did bunch park laps.

#105-Mar.19th/010 - hit bj, then park laps.  cooked some KD and weiners on the campstove.

#106-Mar.20th/010 - happy spring equinox! park laps + salleys. and a main bomber and skier cross laps with racers.

#107-Mar.21st/010 - spelunking in war eagle mine. park laps. tore heel piece out of hellbents

#108-Mar.22nd/010 - some park riding and slushy facebombers after school.

#109-Mar.23rd/010 - facebombers, sallys laps, scoping new mines to explore in poochies.

#110-Mar.24th/010 - road the roadbike to the hill for some park turns before school. and again after school.

#111-Mar.25th/010 - bicycled to the hill, actually hit some jumps, did a couple blunt 5s. pretty sick, skied pretty bad.

#112-Mar.26th/010 - road to the hill in the rain, skied the slushiest, slowest park I have ever skied.  Still fun though.

#113-Mar.27th/010 - big jump finally open, did some true tail 5s, then won the slush cup. good day

#114-Mar.28th/010 - about 12cms of freshies. pretty good skiing!

#115-Mar.29th/010 - 12 more cms. denseish snow, still dope as hell. boosted big ass cliff in sarahs. lifts shutdown at noonish because of high winds.

#116-Mar.30th/010 - snow super windblown. whatevaaa still kinda fun.

#117-Mar.31st/010 - little more snow, did a bunch of laps on salleys, pretty fun.

#118-Apr.1st/010 - about 5-10 cms in places on top of windpack. fun skiing in places that werent skied before windstorm.  the shoulder=fun.

#119-Apr.2nd/010 - anther 5 or so cms. everything soft and chargy. rich tried front flips and did stupid chute.

#120-Apr.3rd/010 - One of the best days of the year! another 10ish cms, and more snow throughout the day.  hit finger, sarahs drop, bunch of lines in paleface and bunch of pillow lines in cambodia.

#121-Apr.4th/010 - A little more snow + light wind to fill everything in.  Another awesome day.  Hit Masquerader and fun lines all over.  did a bflip for the first time in a while.

#122-Apr.5th/010 - More snow, did 2 laps on Roberts with CJ - sooo damn sick, the best turns of the year.  then shredded links for a couple runs and finished the year off with some face bombers. solid year of lift served skiing!  now time for some missions. my 40 days in a row will be over tomorrow for a much needed rest!

#123-Apr.10th/010 - Skinned up Granite with Ty, then got some sled tow laps from dean and jordan. deep snow, pretty wind effected, but still sick.

#124-Apr.24th/010 - Solo skin up Granite. nice and sunny, slushy snow, skied main run. still sooo much snow up there.

#125-Apr.25th/010 - Went up Granite with Marsh and Pat.  Skied Link's and Main.  good spring skiing!

#126-May 1st/010 - Solo skin, louie the grouse followed me up main.  did a bunch of backflips. fun times!

#127-May 8th/010 - solo skin and ski, did main run.  shaped out a bflipper out of random pile of snow pushed aside by snowplow/cat.  bunch bflips in pucking snow.