If you’re tired of having your instagram feed full of cats, selfies and people's food, take a minute and check out some of these guys. I've compiled a list of skiers who i think produce some of the most inspring and motivating content related to big mountain skiing & ski mountaineering. Check it!

All titles are their user names

10. tannerhall420

Lots of big lines with the occasional controversial post, no introduction necessary.

9. julienregnier

Professional skier from France who treats his Instagram much like a tumblr account. All his photos follow a similar style with beautifully composed shots. You'll find cool portraits, travel shots and of course big mountains.

8. realjoshbibby

Grew up in British Columbia, knows a thing or two about sledding and cabin life oh and he likes to throw axes.

7. kcdeane

Definitely one of the most followed skiers in our community, just a few behind Jon Olsson. Travels a bunch and posts great shots.

6. kyepetersen

Such an underrated skier in my books. He somehow maintains a low profile and still slays crazy lines all over the world.

5. candidethovex

Candide is actually quite active on instagram, posts lots of photos from all over Europe especially his home resort La Clusaz. {Bring back The invitational!}

4. chrisbenchetler

This guy left the competition scene pretty early on in search of endless pow so he knows a thing or two about travelling and skiing.

3. Garrettgrove

Although he's more of a photographer than a skier i had to include him on the list because he is amazing at what he does. He travels all the time and really knows how to capture the experience of being in the great outdoors.

2. auclairjp

Quebec legend, he's been around since the early days and still pushes the limits of whats possible on skis. He's always on the move, visiting remote mountains of the world and has a keen eye for nature's beauty.

1. jimmy_chin

Can't say enough about this guy. Amazing climber, skier, photographer. He's been on the North Face team since 2001, skied down the south pillar route of everest, made 12 descents of the grand teton and still produces some of the best photo/film content in the world when it comes to mountaineering. Read up on this guy if you've never heard of him!

Honourable mention: sherpascinema

Although not a skier per say these guys produce some unparralelled images in the mountains.

I apologize for dropping this right as summer is rolling in, but hey! lots of them will still be globe trotting in search of more big mountains to conquer. Stay tuned for another top 10 type of skier to follow!

Peter Matlashewski