MT HOOD, OR – July 13, 2009 – Ten year-old Gabrielle Griffith beat out 75 other well deserving essay writers to win a free week-long session at Windells Action Sports Camp. Griffith described why she would like to be at camp, but also why it would be important for her younger brother to attend. She described her nine year-old brother’s battle to overcome an illness that had him in and out of hospitals for much of his young life.

“My brother has been through a rough time,” wrote Griffith, “And was sick a lot when he was younger and was always in the hospital but he really loves skating and snowboarding, and he is not sick any more he is just my annoying little brother that I love very much and I am happy we ride and do stuff together so much. I never thought he would be well. He proved me wrong!”

Gabrielle’s mother, Julie, also wrote to Windells relating a story of Gabrielle’s generosity. Her kids knew she could only afford to send one of them to camp and she overheard Gabrielle tell her brother Brennen that he should go and then he could teach her what he learned at Windells when he got back.

“There were so many deserving kids who wrote essays for this contest,” said Tim Windell, owner of Windells, “This kid’s essay just stood out and we thought Gabrielle will benefit from the free session and so will Windells. That is what the essence of the writing contest is all about.”

Now that Gabrielle has won the contest, Julie Griffith will be able to afford to send Brennen, meaning both kids will now attend. Gabrielle will be attending camp during session seven, August 5 through August 11, 2009.

Founded in 1988 by nine time National Champion and 2 time Vice World Champion snowboarder Tim Windell, Windells has been a world leader in action sports for the past two decades. The camp’s goal is to not only improve kids’ skills on the slopes but off the slopes too, through positive reinforcement in a fun and safe environment for kids to creatively express themselves through the action sports industries. Windells has been building world class on snow and off snow facilities for over 2 decades. Windells is the world’s only privately owned campus, featuring the northwest’s largest BMX facilities, skateboard parks, snowboard and ski parks, paint ball fields, foam pit and lodging facilities for the action sports industry. Windells is often referred to as “Funnest Place on Earth.