After seeing Nicole and Jess post this one up in their blogs I couldn’t help myself.

I went to a private high school for two years, and hated it.

For Freshman and Sophomore year I attended Bishop Hendricken High School in Warwick, RI. It wasn’t my choice to attend that school, my parents tricked me into it. They had me take the entrance exam and said that if I got in I could decide if I wanted to go or not. I got in and they enrolled me. After two years of misery, I returned to the Warwick public school system.

I was voted “Most Accident Prone” in High School.

During my high school years I broke a zillion bones. Ulna, radius, jaw, clavicle, fingers, toes. You name it, it broke. I spent so much time in a cast that I won a superlative in the yearbook. I even had to take my drivers exam in a cast. Miraculously, I passed.