On behalf of Alpine Initiatives, Retallack Lodge, Freeskier Magazine and Sherpas Cinema, Orage would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who helped make the 10,000 Ways To Help campaign a success.

Over the past six weeks, passionate skiers from across the US, Canada, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Argentina, Italy, the UK and Russia came together to raise a combined total of $3,708 for Orage’s Alpine Initiatives. In the final minutes a buzzer beating donation of $300 came in bumping the grand total matched donation to just over $8,000.

Highlighting the campaign was a $1,500 single donation and a decision that despite unlocking the $5,000 prize pack Retallack Lodge will honor its donated grand prize, a three-day cat skiing trip for 2 to their one of a kind adventure skiing resort in Nelson, British Columbia.

Orage and its partners would like to thank everyone who supported this great cause and we urge you to continue following and supporting the efforts of AI.

“Thanks to everyone who participated and made this campaign a success. People jumping in and working together is what it’s all about in the first place!  Congrats to the winners and be sure to Visit alpineinitiatives.org to get the latest on AI projects and happenings. Thanks for everything." - JP Auclair

Please scroll through the list below to see if you’ve earned one of our amazing prizes. Thanks again everyone and please 'Like' Alpine Initiatives at http://www.facebook.com/alpineinitiatives as well as the rest of our partners. Make sure to scroll to the bottom for important information on how to claim your prize, and without further ado, the winners are...

Grand Prize 3 Day Trip For Two To Retallack Lodge

Lucas Soutzo - Alberta, Canada

One Pair of Orage Collector’s Edition Skis Crafted by Line Skis

Stewart Nash - Alberta, Canada

Nathan Work - Colorado, USA

Casey Nicholson - Pennsylvania, USA

Andrew Meehan - Utah, USA

Alex Merryweather - Ontario, Canada

One Orage Jacket of Your Choice

Julien Couture - Alberta, Canada

Ross Minton - South Dakota, USA

Stephanie Grassi - Alberta, Canada

Drew Clark - Massachusetts, USA

One Orage Hoodie

Shane Torson - Montana, USA

Gail Martell - New York, USA

Phil Irzyk - Illinois, USA

Connor Morze - Nevada, USA

Benoit Hebert - Quebec, Canada

Michael Renellone - New York, USA

Conrad Yarmoloy - Alberta, Canada

Jeff Newman - Oregon, USA

Jean-Benoit Collette - Quebec, Canada

Tim Schmidt - British Columbia, Canada

One Orage Insulator

Andy Chang - Washington, USA

Grant Baldwin - British Columbia, Canada

Denis Auclair - Quebec, Canada

Quentin Emeriau - British Columbia, Canada

Matthew Hendricks - Connecticut, USA

Chace Dillon - Colorado, USA

Jason Plepel - Illinois, USA

Harlan Sim - British Columbia, Canada

Alex Heathcott - Alberta, Canada

Evan Macalister - British Columbia, Canada

One Orage Baselayer (Top or Bottom)

Howie Olson - Wisconsin, USA

Robert Lieberman - Utah, USA

Ben Harris - Maryland, USA

Kelly Clarke - Washington, USA

Chris Wong - California, USA

Will Lepry - Washington, USA

Thomas Hyland Jr. - New Jersey, USA

Aliocha Mahaut - Quebec, Canada

Ron Martin - British Columbia, Canada

Ian Walkinshaw - New York, USA

One Orage Tee Shirt

Jasper Wesselman - Washington, USA

Martin Sotola - Colorado, USA

Jamey Voss - Oregon, USA

Phil Irzyk - Illinois, USA

Griffin Pitcher - Michigan, USA

Jacob Liberatore - New York, USA

Drew Clark - Massachusetts, USA

Slade Cogswell - Colorado, USA

Kirk Trew - Saskatchewan, Canada

Sterling Keys - British Columbia, Canada

One Orage Scarf

Neil Halpenny - California, USA

Connor England - Virginia, USA

Sean Quinn - Wisconsin, USA

Miles Kuperus - Michigan, USA

Jordan Brennan - Pennsylvania, USA

Mark Fisher - California, USA

Kari Kostyan - Alberta, Canada

Maxime Roy-Bouchard - Quebec, Canada

Brett Hogan - Virginia, USA

Vincent Rivest - Quebec, Canada

One Orage Beanie

Ian Corredera - Vermont, USA

John Moses - New Hampshire, USA

Colton Kindred - Utah, USA

Michael Newman - Massachusetts, USA

Karen Johanson - Washington, USA

Tim Wiebe - Nevada, USA

Matthew Kowitz - Washington, USA

Geoff Balkman - Pennsylvania, USA

Peter Gallagher - Pennsylvania, USA

Luke Reddick - Alberta, USA

One Pair of VIP Passes to the Winter Dew Tour, courtesy of Freeskier

Chase Dillon - Colorado, USA

Kyle Baron - New Hampshire, USA

Tanner Huffman - Utah, USA

One Rocky Mountain Sherpas, “All I Can” DVD

Joseph Risi - New York, USA

Etienne Ayotte - Quebec, Canada

Dave DesRochers - California, USA

Guillame St-Louis - Quebec, Canada

Liam Upton - Ontario, Canada

Luke Lubchenco - Colorado, USA

Marek Zbik - New Jersey, USA

Rhianna Willock - Colorado, USA

Brandon Williams - Saskatchewan, Canada

Jeremy Hamman - Illinois, USA

A One Year Subscription to Freeskier Magazine

Kirk Townsend - California, USA

William Hamann - California, USA

Dan Blackmon - Connecticut, USA

Lee Brown - Pennsylvania, USA

Alec Burleigh - Utah, USA

Bryce Laird - Colorado, USA

Austin Gomez - Ontario, Canada

Guyuame Lamontagne - Quebec, Canada

Charlie Cultrara - New York, USA

Peter Gallagher - Pennsylvania, USA

Jennifer Gleason - Connecticut, USA

Nick Burleigh - Utah, USA

Jeff Amantea - British Columbia, Canada

Mark Daigliesh - Ontario, Canada

Dexter Wahlberg - British Columbia, Canada

Brett Hogan - Virginia, USA

Nick Burleigh - Utah, USA

Ryan Morris - Pennsylvania, USA

Alex Sim -  British Columbia, USA

Riley Carson - Washington, USA

Tyler Shutler - Michigan, USA

Jon Ryder - Washington, USA

Antoine Dion - Quebec, Canada

Gavin Rudy - Colorado, USA

Tanner Thompson - Alberta, Canada

Eric Cantor - Pennsylvania, USA

To claim your prize, please send an email to the according representative below with the subject titled “10,000 Ways to Help Prize Winner”.  You will be contacted shortly thereafter and asked to provide shipping info. Please note, all prizes must be claimed before December 31, 2011.

Orage USA – buy@coalision.com

Orage Canada – home@coalision.com

Retallack – Phil@Retallack.com

Freeskier – greg@smpmags.com

Sherpas Cinema – malcolm@sherpascinema.com