Andreas Wvoorl


of the nice things about being a part of the online network of Twitter

is "following" a bunch of interesting people & companies. While

some can argue that it's got a horrible conversion rate (supposedly

many people who sign up don't last thirty days with it), I've actually

had a great experience with it and have found it a very great resource.

One of those resources is Michael Zhang of Petapixel (@petapixel). He

recently posted this link about how to overcome "photographer's block."

Today, I took that "100 step" challenge listed on the Photocritic blog.


100 step challenge is one I’ve promoted here on Photocritic before –

because it’s one of those things I’ve found work incredibly well

indeed. It’s easy: Grab your camera, and start walking. Count your

steps. After 100 steps, stop where you are, and where you’re standing,

you have to take a photograph."

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