An awesome rail jam went down last night in the Lower Core Park. The sweet set-up consisted of a mean d-f-d rail, Staircase with down rail and down box, and a mellow flat-down rail.

The field of 30 tore through the venue nailing tricks all evening. Congratulation to everyone for throwing down.

Ski Men:

#1 Scott Pollman – walked home with a set of Boreal/Moment Custom Skis

#2 Shain Stafford

#3 Ryan Hackbarth

Ski Young Men:

#1 Andre Simoupretri

#2 Nick McGowen

#3 Quinn Letsinger


#1 Blair Esson – walked home with an Academy Snowboard

Tie #2 Josh Douglas

Tie #2 Jeffery Hu

#3 Ryan Koeller