So, i just realized it has been long time since my last post in here.

but some of you still might be interested in some of the stuff i write

and post.

So, my summer went pretty well and i started studying in October and

yeah, season 09/10 has been a blast so far. Had several good shreddays

on the glaciers in Austria, a little bit of pow just before Chrismas

and did a lot of other cool stuff during chrismas break. I did my first

snowshoeing tour, had some pretty fun minishred days with my friends

and even jibbed a playground. good times.

Had my last skiing day last tuesday and for now i have to stop skiing

and start learning for uni, which sucks, but it has to be done... But

fortunately i will be free by the 3rd of March to enjoy 6 weeks of

holidays, which will be awesome. can't wait

i hope i will be able to write some more updates by then or maybe a few non skiing but photo related posts before that.

so keep checking back. might be worth it

here are some pictures from my early season:

me doing a 180

small drop during our snowshoe tour

me jibbing the swing

jojo killing it

might upload some more pics soon.

hope you liked it