The ski is amazing, when it's fully intact. The durability issue is a major concern and will be brought up throughout this thread if there is a large number of honest reviews. The second day I was riding them I took a huge shot out of one of the top sheets on a big landing. The edge from my other ski bumped into the one that was damaged. Don't ask how it happened, I don't know myself.

After that cosmetic issue, I didn't have too much performance affecting damage the first season, they held up pretty nice (including the edges) and I loved the stiffness, pop and edge hold. They were super light, and just a fun ski all around park. Stiff enough for huge kickers, light and quick enough for jibbing.

The second season is where some real durability issues began to kick in. About my 5th day on snow, I was hitting a flat rail, felt my ski catch on something but rode out of it and didn't think too much of it. When i was putting my skis on the racks on top of my car I noticed a pretty significant edge crack underfoot on my forward sliding ski. Wasn't too happy.

As the season went on I accumulated 2 more edge cracks, and a complete blowout on one of the edges that had to be replaced. About half way through the season, one of the tips delammed to about 4-5 inches back that I had professionally fixed, only to fall out in another 15 days of riding. By the end of the season, the bases were beat, edges were useless and the topsheet graphics were scratched to hell. They are currently being used on my summer setup.

Again, that's my review and how the skis held up to my park skiing. They were super fun until about the last month of their second season when their edges were just beyond anything you should be riding on. I would recommend the ski if you can look after them and aren't a real aggressive rail kind of guy. As stated before, they are awesome on big kickers/pipe.