We know by now that GoPro fairly well holds the market on Point-of-View cameras. Hell, at this point it’s gone beyond just POV; GoPro makes one of the most versatile cameras, period. They’ve got the style, the hype - most important, the results. It’s become a hallmark of every season: thousands of rails, jumps, cliffs, chutes and couloirs recorded from the chests and helmets and RC drones of skiers around the globe.

And among those wide-angled shots is some of the gnarliest, most impressive footage out there. The kind of footage that you know is special, and the kind of footage that deserves some recognition. Well...


Newschoolers is proud to announce, in conjunction with GoPro and TransWorld SNOWboarding (they of the uppercase titles), the Line of the Winter contest! One line, one shot, $20,000. We’re stoked as hell to bring you this contest, all the more because our very own Mr. Bishop will be judging the entries!

From the minds at GoPro, here’s the rundown of how this contest will work:

“We’re looking for your best line this winter! Find your line, turn on your GoPro and document the action for a chance to win the $20,000 grand prize. We’re looking for innovative filming, technical riding, great lighting and creativity.

No fancy editing needed, we’re only considering your raw GoPro clip for the contest! Skiers and snowboarders all submit to the same contest and will be judged by our esteemed panel – who will also be picking a monthly winner to win $1000 as well as the grand prize winner.”

The contest runs from December 1, 2014 to April 30, 2015. Head over to http://lineofthewinter.com for more information and an introduction to the other judges.

You can also check the full rulebook, criteria and judging information here

Good luck!