Today I started my day out with a little trip to the gym, lifted some weights and 20 min on the bike. I usually do half an hour, but I have a cold so it was probably not a good idea to work out at all. After that I went home, watched a bunch of useless TV shows, made dinner for my mom and me, then went golfing. That was my exiting day!This is the reason why I didn´t blog for a while, I don´t really have anything exiting to blog about. I feel like I have to entertain you somehow, so im gonna keep posting videos I see on the web.I saw this a while ago, and it´s a pretty popular video on youtube so most of you have probably seen it already. If you have, it dosen´t hurt to see it again. If you haven´t, you gonna loose some if not all of the respect for women behind the wheel;)Sorry ladies!