WANTED! Multimedia Coordinator at J skis

by JLev
Oct 24th 2021 - 20 comments

If you're a SMART, passionate, creative, reliable hard worker with the below skills and experience, this is a rare chance to make some serious shit happen at one of skiing's most progressive and fastest growing brands. LETS GO!!!

Daymakers "Hokkaido" BTS of Ep S01 Ep03

Feb 26th 2020 - 5 comments

In January 2019, the Daymaker crew did Japan. For all of us, it was a first. We needed to see it for ourselves. Coming from the state that claims “The Greatest Snow on Earth”, were these legends of Japanese powder that never stops falling really true? Was the snow more divine than our “Alta Magic”?

It was the perfect opportunity to take the young bucks Max Meza and Alex Lundstrom that i've watch and cultivated for years from early teens to now 18. I was their coach for so long, and this trip was about skiing with the youth who had now transformed to peers.