"How Do You Ski" Infographic

by Me_N_Chris
Oct 20th 2015 - 48 comments

Freestyle skiing has a very unique look. We are a community with a history of being different. We possess different views, values, and experiences. We as a community have grown and prospered due to our defining attributes. But is our own stylistic diversity within our community holding us back? Let's take a look at ourselves and understand the goals and inspirations behind each of us, so we can better understand and relate to one another.

NS v4.0

by Mr.Bishop
Oct 30th 2012 - 108 comments

Get ready for a new era of Newschoolers, which shifts from only a conversational-based community to one that is also content-based.


by endlesspow
Jan 24th 2014 - 10 comments

Whether you just lost a relative, failed a class, or didn't get the girl, when skiing, everything is just right.

Going Gonzo

by Turner.
May 6th 2015 - 22 comments

A tale of a rise through the ranks of Newschoolers, and my new adventure as Editor at Large...


by schmuck
Dec 1st 2009 - 140 comments

In conjunction with Sean Pettit and K2 Skis, Newschoolers is proud to announce one of the most exciting and rewarding contests we've ever done...PG<13.

Merry Christmas

by schmuck
Dec 24th 2009 - 132 comments

On behalf on everyone at Newschoolers, we'd like to take the time to wish all of you and your families Happy Holidays and a very Merry Christmas.