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Selling: 184 k2 shreditor 102 with pivot 18s

By treyroeseler

South Salt Lake, Utah, United States
Last updated - $269

Good condition, pivots mounted for 26.5 at center. no edge cracks or base damage. pivots are old and mismatched (one heel is now white) but work fine. in slc, buyer pays shipping/we will work it out.

Selling: 4frnt yle, Dakine BIBS, Snowskate

By treyroeseler

Last updated - $240 - $250

All prices exclude shipping and only in the USA, and Im in Salt Lake. 4frnt YLE 177cm symmetrical FUN mounted atomic driver 16s .5cm back for 26.5-27.5 $250 does have both brakes just not in pictur...

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Selling: 4frnt yle 177 with atomic driver 16s

By treyroeseler

Posted - $1 - $1000

great condition, clean bases, scuffed topsheets, mounted .5cm back. missing brake in pics but i put them back on. $250 shipped 118mm wide fun ass pow skeez