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05 Jan 2, 3

by toast
Jan 10th - 7.4K views

A stir fry of shots to ring in the new year at the classic corporate wonderland. Skiing by Ethan Swadburg, Pete Koukov, and Levi Ascher. Music adapted from Some People by The Avalanches

04 Dec 28

by toast
Dec 31st - 5.6K views

The annual swadburper v. soggy toast holiday matchup video, this year serving up a keystone a51 featurette with three jumps and a dfd tube. Music is adapted from Some People by The Avalanches

03 Dec 11, 12

by toast
Dec 17th - 2.1K views

I infiltrated the exclusive Breckenridge Dude Tour posing as athletic support for Hunter to eat ramen noodles in the slopeside Prius. Skiing by Hunter Hess, Miguel Porteous, and Nico Porteous. Music adapted from Some People by The Avalanches.

02 Dec 9

by toast
Dec 13th - 6.7K views

Spent Sunday passing the camera around at Keystone. Skiing by Pete Koukov, Nico Porteous, Gavin Rudy, Andrew Mildenberger, Ryan Stevenson, and Mike Cappola. Music is adapted from Some People by The Avalanches.

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by toast
Jan 2016 - 20.4K views

Clean chops from a day in Freeway with the Turdburglar, playing with the long solstice shadows of December.

3rd Cut

by toast
Mar 2017 - 20.3K views

Le 3rd video of the saison from this weekend with Scott n Dane. Music is The Way I Feel by Jonathan Wilson Video by Gavin Rudy toast


by toast
Apr 2018 - 10.1K views

Scout and I filmed a couple times this winter and we were very happy to get a lotta good shots, but then it all went sad when a springtime crash relieved him of an intact ACL - Which is now apparently the doc's lie, Scott's got a strained MCL and bone bruising instead. Get well soon Scott! Also shoutout Tom Christie for insp.