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Best Tricks: once I lipped on a triple kink to blind 2 screemin seamin off. It was pretty wack. I'm more known for crashing in stupid ways. Hence taco life.
My Gear: Ya well the crashing isn't nice to my gear. Currently I have a bern helmet and griffon bindings. Everything else is kinda shot. If anyone finds my edges let me know cause i've got glue.
Instagram: my crew is @mac_n_steezy

So I take down my summer setup cause I'm like "shit dude ill just shred the streets" ya know with a skateboard. I'm mean like ride the board with my skis because who skates without skis. SO my setup is gone and i'm craving the slopes. Because I wanted to see if it would work I go to a skate park because the park is my zone. I pop the gear on and I realize I cant propel myself in the usual way. So I'm like wait I've got poles. So i'm on the board ready for the first run I push and POP there goes my shoulder. Then I move it and its like SHHHLURP and bam it's back, but there this ache. Totally ruined my session way off my game after that. SO moral of the story bring a bungee.


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