Member Since: December 2003
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Karma Points: 2,573
Profile Views: 2,866
Current Status: Single
Home Mountain: PHOENIX !!!! ;)
Sponsors: I wish I had some sponsors, but me, my dad and thats about it right now :(
Best Tricks: backflip, toxic grabs, mutes, 3's 1's,fakie 1's and i hope to add 5's to the list reg, and fakie !!!!
My Gear: LINE Mike Nick Pro Model (black and red bases,rock skis/urban skis/what ever skis),LINE Elizabeth's with the dragon on them, LINE 177cm Chronics with LINE Reactor 12 bindings, LINE 177cm Afterbangs (w
Freeze is the best mag ever, I mean ever. When I found out it wasn't running any more, it felt like someone kicked me in the balls, and I was going to puke for 2 weeks, so R.I.P. Freeze well all miss you :( smith_boy

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