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Alpine Meadows 3- 27, 28 -11 (Storm Day to Bluebird ) in HD re-edit

by skiinpowNLT
Apr 2011 - 2.6K views

Getting some love from Alpine Meadows with my boys Nick and Graham! Had not been to Alpine in a while, and it was a whole new world, everything was buried, and there was a lot of big cliffs that are now quite tame. Had a blast, but after stomping a few cliffs in the buttress, lost it on a flat landing at the end of the run and rolled into a tree corrupting the rest of my clips of the day. M1 was amazing, but hyperextended my knee a bit landing on a bit of pepper hopping in from the right. Trying to reconfigure the files so I can use them later. All-in-all super stoked to spend some time back at Alpine with my boys I've rode with the last few years, gotta use that pass a little more often! Ha! I love Alpine Meadows!!! Re-edit

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Squaw Valley Trees 3-25-11 (storm day) HD

by skiinpowNLT
Mar 2011 - 3.7K views

Tree skiing in Red Dog, Far East, and Squaw Creek. KT line rediculous, stuck to the trees with a couple buddies, storm day 3-25-11 finding freshies in the trees, nothing special no big hits, but a good day coming off a bad back and having tons of fun!!! Sorry my camera got turned a little low but still some sick pow shots!

Kirkwood Sidecountry 3-4-11 HD

by skiinpowNLT
Mar 2011 - 2.8K views

Great day skiing at Kirkwood, Highway Chute and California Chute, about 4 hrs of hiking but one great day of side-country goodness. Thanks Bryce and Brian for relocating from RI to Lake Tahoe!!! My first edit, sorry N Lake first was in the South- had to leave my home Mts. of Squaw and Alpine, hope you all enjoy, more to come!