SASS Summer 06

by rrjames
Jul 11th 2007 - 0 comments

So it's a little late but here are some photos of South America Snow Sessions for summer 2006 in Las Leñas Argentina. The camp is sick and i do believe spots are still available for summer 2007

Back to the classrooms

by rrjames
Oct 11th 2006 - 0 comments

So yea back in school with a chance to reflcet on my summer skiing in south america and planning to post up some stuff for you all in the next couple days.

Once in a lifetime opportunity

by rrjames
Jul 13th 2006 - 0 comments

I got the chance to go down to argentina this summer and I'm hoping to keep a blog updated here we will see weather I have access to the internet to keep updated with pictures.