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Go Pro Garbage de 2018

by prophet
Dec 2018 - 287 views

It's a GoPro Season edit! I'm over the hill and no body listens to techno so let's go.... watch me ski in POV to surf rock! I'm Josh, and I love FlyLow Gear, ON3P Skis and Smith Optics. Cheers.

Josh Anderson Not-Squaw season edit 2017

by prophet
Oct 2017 - 1.6K views

Got into this and well, it was good enough a year that Squaw shots are going to need their own edit. I'd call it a backcountry edit but I don't suppose Crystal and Alpine count, even if there is walking involved. And that one shot is Munchkins, no questions. Crystal Mountain, Rutherford, Alpine Meadows, Deep Creek, Painted Rock, Cold Stream Canyon, Davis Creek, Emerald Bay Chutes, Mt. Williamson "Giant's Steps."

How to Live in a Mountainu Townu

by prophet
Dec 2016 - 1.6K views

Josh "Pea Soup" Anderson, ON3P Skis and FlyLow Gear bring you "How to Live in a Mountain Town: In Japan" a total ripoff of IFHT and Verb Cabin's "How to Live in a Mountain Town"... except about skiing in Japan, because it's on every skier's bucket list, so why not make one more. Produced by a ski bum.

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Silver King Freeride 09

by prophet
Oct 2009 - 5.5K views

My finals run... big hit at the end. ON3P Skis rep rep.
The song was what i was listening to at the time, if you're wondering... ipod was on shuffle.