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Josh Dueck at TEDxYYC

by mousseau.slvsh
Jul 2013 - 4.4K views

Through seemingly insurmountable odds, Josh Dueck has overcome incredible adversity to redeem a jump gone wrong while staying true to his core belief that intuition is our inner guide and that in order to fully express ourselves, we need to find, and explore, our creative outlet.

Snowmass Ski Patrol Dogs Hard at Work

by mousseau.slvsh
Mar 2014 - 3.6K views

Meet Gray, Piper and Caleb...the four legged members of the Snowmass Ski Patrol handled by Nathan Garfield, Dan Berg and Susan "Mouse" Carollo. These avalanche rescue dogs always seem to be wearing a smile, whether they're putting up boundary ropes or training year round as search and rescue dogs. But then again, they always get to ride first chair.