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Evan Williams on The Other Side

by mattyb.
Jan 2013 - 3.8K views

Caught up with Evan Williams at Sugarbush, VT this past weekend to get some shots and remind everyone what he can do when he's on the other side of the lens when he isn't filming. He's got both on lock.

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Collective Visuals - January Thaw

by mattyb.
Feb 2012 - 12.2K views

It has been a slow start to the winter season. Right as the bigger parks start to form, the east coast gets hit with on and off rain and snow. We made the best of what we had, and stacked some shots! Hopefully things turn around and the snow starts to fall.

Collective Visuals - DayTrippin'

by mattyb.
Feb 2012 - 10.4K views

We got a chance to head over to Sugarbush for a day midweek to see what they had going on. With a park only lift and a trail with so many creative features throughout, we got some hot laps in and had a great time. Thanks to Tony at Sugarbush for the hook ups! Riders: Evan Williams, Ian Compton, Peter Engen, and Tyler Audette. Filmed/Editted: Matty Benedetto Camera: Canon t2i with Sigma 18-200 Song: G-Eazy "Lost in Translation"

Collective Visuals - Rails 2 Riches

by mattyb.
Dec 2011 - 9.3K views

Another year at Rails 2 Riches with some of the best rail skiers in the game. The day got going with 50 skiers for prelims. Finals were under the lights with the 10 best of the morning. John Kutcher grabbed the top spot with Dom Laporte and Kieran McVeigh rounding out the top three and taking home some money stacks. Produced by Tyler Audette.

Collective Visuals - Friends at Mount Snow

by mattyb.
Jan 2012 - 4.1K views

The winter is finally starting to arrive in the East. Packed up and drove down to Mount Snow for a few days to enjoy a full park of features. The storms and cold weather are rolling in now, so look out for more action from Collective Visuals. Riders: Ian Compton, Evan Williams, Peter Engen, Ryan Anderson, and George Kokoefer