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3 years in 3 minutes

by louis.charnaud
Mar 2019 - 608 views

Reminiscing on past times with all these amazing skiers I’ve been blessed to ride with and shoot 🙏 so here is a wee compilation of some of my favourite shots & moments I’ve taken over the past 3 years in no particular order. Enjoy!


Skiers -
Konsti Ottner
Colter hinchliffe
Theo cheli
Yann rausis
Logan pehota
Alistair Garland
Seb varlet
Craig murray
Hank bilous
Tom brownlee
Manu barnard
George rodney
Charles murray
Sam allen
Sam Lee
Tom gratadour
Matt sweet

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On The Road.

by louis.charnaud
Apr 2018 - 986 views

Hell of a winter.

Craig Murray
Charles Murray
Logan Pehota
Griffen Moller
Carl Cooper
Oli Allen
Alessandro Jossen
Guim Campeny
Sam Lee
George Rodney
Yann Rausis
Drew Tabke with the ridiculous hot tub at the end.