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Skimation 5.0

by louis.charnaud
Jun 2020 - 56 views

been teaching myself to animate so been going through footage i've taken from the years - skiers - Colter Hinchliffe, Konsti Ottner and Matt Suite

Keen to do more as i wont be making the pilgrimage to the southern hemi this year!

this was over 7000 drawings and 3 weeks of work - all for 20 seconds

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On The Road.

by louis.charnaud
Apr 2018 - 1.3K views

Hell of a winter.

Craig Murray
Charles Murray
Logan Pehota
Griffen Moller
Carl Cooper
Oli Allen
Alessandro Jossen
Guim Campeny
Sam Lee
George Rodney
Yann Rausis
Drew Tabke with the ridiculous hot tub at the end.