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Duck season

by mr.bacon
Jun 2015 - 2.2K views

The season in which Ducks are to be hunted.

Couple of days filming in Tryvann, Geilo and Trysil!

Big thanks to Trysil Resort for giving us free tickets to ride and film.


Will Wesson - Pole throw trick compilation

by TheTrickArchive
Jul 2015 - 21.3K views

A fan made compilation of Will Wesson's wacky pole juggling and bouncing. All footage belongs to Meathead Films, Line TC, Camp of Champions and Crans-Montana Spring Session. Let me know in the comments if you think I missed some good ones!
Ps. I missed some legit throws from Meathead's Wanderland and Head For the Hills, bummed about forgetting those.