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If you happy when you save 2 dollars a week,
steal your neighbors empty bottles,
and keep all your receipts and only treat your girl
yearly to McDonalds to eat,
don't be ashamed, pop your collars mang - holler at me!
if ya'll are this cheap,
this is for acknowledging peeps,
that gotta track every dime usin columns and sheets,
if you strip search the mall for the bargain to beat
like everyday you're just a penny safe from starved in the street,
keep carvin a niche,
I'm started in a jar for the wee,
little shaddies still to come for their college degree,
yo I figure starting early on the market is key
I plan on havin smart daughters all Harvard MD,
and regardless we gon never put a car on the streets,
'less them gas prices lower and the parking is free,
and no parka for me
not even gloves scarves or a fleece,
I may freeze but I'll keep savin marvellously... HOLLA! knifefight

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