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Josh Porter | Grassroots 2018

by joshwar_porter
Nov 2018 - 137 views

Here's my entry to the #PLANKSGRASSROOTS 2018 competition! It's been a great year of skiing around the country on and off the slopes- here's to an even more crazy 2019!

Rider: Josh Porter (19)

Filmed by Luke Watts, Harry Shaw, William Porter, Riagain Grainger, and other friends
Additional Footage: Oli Kane

Edited by Josh Porter

Filmed at Stoke Ski Centre, Chill Factor, Peel Park, Fornby Beach

Music: ODESZA - Say My Name (feat. Zyra)

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by joshwar_porter
Jan 2018 - 120 views

A little Instagram edit I put together using clips of new learns from my first Semester at Uni.
Filmed at Stoke Ski Centre and Chill Factor

Salford Urban | A Short Ski Film

by joshwar_porter
Feb 2018 - 91 views

This winter we had no snow in Salford, so myself and two friends decided to take a camera and make a short ski film in 'Peel Park'- next to our University!
This is the first of a series of short ski films that I am going to make over the next year, showing skiing in the UK. Enjoy!!

Filmed by Riagain Grainger, edited by Josh Porter
Music: "Long Road" By Jake Isaac