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Spirit Mountain Junior Year

by john18061806
May 19th - 544 views

Just a College skier and I made a long video. It's not a movie, just some segments. Thank you to Ski Hut, Damage, HSSA, Myles Osgood, and Minnesota. Skiing and Snowboarding both, Air Awareness, Sobriety, Music and SunScreen. Put the phone down. Remember to thank your Family and Friends for gifts both mental and physical. But what do I know... just reading is fundamental. Respect colors and theology but most importantly love. NS is awesome. Conversation.


by john18061806
May 2017 - 1.7K views

A multi-format recap of my ski season with a bunch of special effects to keep you from getting too bored while watching. Shoutout to the Ski Hut and the Train Park for their love! Also, serious question. What is a jump? Song: Eleven Pond - Watching Trees (I heckin love this song) Shot Creds: Mostly Jack esnail Schmid and Drew Ahstrom the ginga rail ninja. Christian Pike, Burrlybears, and Lucas Green. Stay funky.

Jack Innaff Superunknown XIV Entry - Disloserfied

by john18061806
Apr 2017 - 9.2K views

It was their decision, I don't care. I'm going to make you watch my skiing. I can't believe this. I'm so much more talented than any of the other semi-finalists and finalists. On top of that, I worked really hard all season for absolutely nothing. I also work 4 jobs while going to college and being a stay at home dad. Balancing real responsibilities and skiing is so hard. This is utterly ridiculous. Level 1 only selects the people that they are friends with and it's not fair, the superunknown system is rigged. I can't believe I didn't even get semi-finals, do you really hate me that much level 1? Do I need to be trendier? What do I need to do to please you Josh?

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