Yo Yo NS

by jcaron
May 27th 2008 - 20 comments

Yo Yo NS,
What’s uppppp!

Since I wrote
last I’ve been havin a blast.  The rest
of my season was dope!!!   I went to
Crested Butte for The Subaru Freeskiing World Tour stop one.  Having pre qualified I didn’t have to compete
on day one, instead I skied and checked out lines. The first day went killer.  Pillow line to double drop, stomped it clean.
I came out with a 3-point lead. The second day, which was held in a permanently
closed area, was insane, super steep with mandatory airs at the bottom.  My line included a gap from cliff to
cliff.  Stomped it, quite the adrenaline
rush. Now I had a 5-point lead going into the super final.  The final run I had all pegged, but right at
the bottom I decided to change my line and ended up falling on the last drop.
Man was I bummed. What did I learn from that? 
Stick with your plan. I finished 3rd.!!!

Gap jump at the Cold Rush

Kaya Turski, Sheee's Baaack!

by jcaron
May 11th 2008 - 20 comments

Heeeyy whatup everyone, its been a while! I hurt my knee in the fall which really sucked, but been rehabbing like crazy and i'm finally back, ahh feels gooood!!

Even though I’ve been hurt, I've been going to the Canadian Jib Academy events and also been working on some designs for sponsors which has been fun. The first Canadian stop for Jib Academy was at Mt. St. Louis Moonstone just north of Barrie, Ontario.  What a super good first event! The set up was real nice for us. Lot’s of amazing girls too!

Gold NS Stickers

by jcaron
May 10th 2008 - 35 comments

This week I went to the office and I spent some times with the boys (you guys are welcomed to pass there too and say hello). And it appears that NS just acquired a new vinyl cutter to makes sticker on demand. That's a pretty great news because now they will save some money by doing them themselves. Plus, they won't run out of them anymore like it just happened a couple weeks ago. And an other sweet thing is that they will be able to produce any size and any colors. So yes, NS will now produce gold stickers.

Jason producing a batch of "bling" stickers.

Whistler Foam Pit

by jcaron
Mar 22nd 2008 - 11 comments

Let's talk about foam pit. Why? Because they are mad fun. They are not
wet. They offer a very good practice flow. And they are cheap to
access... when you can get access to one.

Orford D-Jam

by jcaron
Jan 24th 2008 - 11 comments

Version française :

Last Saturday there was the second stop of the D-Jam tour at Mont-Orford. This event was a choice over 2 options that I had to fill my weekend. The other option was to do some computer programming for my employer. But during the week, I have to do almost the same kind of job for school. So, I was daring a lot to move myself a bit and do something different. I then figured out something that would arrange my employer and myself.