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A Story Inspired By My Ballsack Part 2

by Ahmets_Brother
Feb 2017 - 7.7K views

The second part of an epic tale filmed in summer 2015 and winter 15/16, inspired by nothing but a passion to push yourself. This part showing a more gratuitous take with travels to Chile with PBP, a trip to the great white north with Rob Aseltine and Tim Jones, and some local skiing versus Part 1 being my home in Utah.
Music: Chance the Rapper ft. Hundred Waters "show me love"

Ahmet Dadali, Tim Jones, PBP, Johnny Decesare, Tyler Hamlett, Alex Martini, Nick Martini, Cam Riley

They See Me Trollin': Heart Of Skiing - Ep 2

by Saga.
Mar 2017 - 19.2K views

Trying to fill out his Super Unknown edit, Zane is convinced to go to Snowbird to meet one of his idols but soon realizes there is a serious problem.
We also meet the second character chronicled in the Heart Of Skiing, Abraham Kane. Abraham is an aspiring contest athlete.

Lead Cinematographer: Paul Braunstein

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