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Skiing Now - iF3 videoquest Mont Sutton 2018-2019 contest WINNER

by iF3
Apr 2019 - 212 views

Finalist in the iF3 VIDEOQUEST Mont Sutton 2018-2019 contest and WINNER of the 1000$ CASH prize
Created by: Simon Garneau

Mont Sutton ski resort is now supporting Winter sports video production on a local level. Participants who put together an edit with their season’s best shots or tell a compelling story have a chance to win the grand prize and to have their video presented at the 2019 iF3 Festival!

iF3 - Stockholm 2016

by iF3
Oct 2016 - 81 views

International Freeski FIlm Festival visited Sweden for the first time on October 20th with a sold-out event in Stockholm.

Freeride World Tour riders Sam Smoothy and Felix Weimers were there to present their movies along with Par Peyben Hagglund and Lucas Stal Madison and among the guests you had a chance to meet celebrities like Emma Dahlstrom and Jesper Tjader.

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iF3 World Snowblade Championship 2014 presented by Monster

by iF3
Jan 2014 - 2.8K views

Winter X-Games 2014 are upon us and it seems the organizing committee has forgotten the people's favorite discipline in the competition mix: Snowblade slopestyle. Legendary ski personality Luke Van Valin takes us through the second edition of the World Snowblade Championship. This year's competition is fierce as freeski fireballs Brandon Kelly and Reed Speedman challenge the defending champ Sean Pettit! After all the blood, sweat and tears of the world's most serious competition ever, who will emerge as number 1?

1st place at iF3 VideoQuest Street - Alex Miglierina and JR Ceron - A little piece of Montreal

by iF3
Apr 2015 - 2.2K views

A mind-blowing edit filled with crazy set-ups and styley, top-notch skiing earned Alex Miglierina, JR Ceron and their team a roaring first place finish in the Street division of the iF3 VideoQuest contest. Hitting a big variety of urban spots in and around Montreal, this crew of local skiers met-up with French counterparts PVS Company to put together "A Little Piece of Montreal". Song used: CALM (feat JME) - TOMMY KRUISE

2nd place at iF3 VideoQuest Street 2015 - Unaffiliated Productions

by iF3
Apr 2015 - 2.3K views

Spectacular cinematography and high-level, creative skiing score second place for Unaffiliated Productions with an edit showing why you do not need a mountain to put together a solid ski video. Watch, as the crew present "Mountainless".

The EpicTV iF3 VideoQuest Street is presented by Banshee Bungee, and brought to you by, Eira, GoPro and Giro!