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Heff cruizin Snowbird

by heFF
Mar 2015 - 7.6K views

Haven't been skiing much park this winter (despite the lack of snow) and have spent the majority of my time riding snowbird. I edited this before I realized this song has been used a couple times so I do apologize for the repeat. Enjoy

Utah Blow

by heFF
Apr 2014 - 415 views

April has been really sick so far with over 2 feet falling in the Wasatch mountains

heff: wolvy, superior, obelisk, snowbird

by heFF
Mar 2014 - 3.3K views

spring break was definitely a good time to get some fresh snow and stable riding conditions in the backcountry. Enjoy! thanks to fischer skis, smith optics, treefort lifestyles, stash poles, snogression, and bloom outerwear

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Heff'n Hood

by heFF
Aug 2013 - 6K views

got to do some filming this summer up on hood in windells and public park...Big thanks to Fischer, Smith, Bloom, M.Elihu, Snogression, Treefort lifestyles, and stash ski poles

Heff season edit 2012

by heFF
Aug 2012 - 10.5K views

1st 2 minutes is park rest is pow..seperated shoulder in skied the little pow we got for the rest of the season. Big thanks to Fischer skis, smith optics, rime knits, contour cameras for the support!

Heff early season edit

by heFF
Dec 2012 - 4.5K views

unfortunately caught a covered rock in the bc the other day and broke my femur..for the most part this is the footage i've gotten before the accident