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A I T: Rope-Tow Roundup

by Orage
Feb 2015 - 8.2K views

AIT hits the road to ride the rope-tows of the midwest. Don't leave the hill 'til your hands bleed. No fish were caught in the making of this video.

Road To Zion

by InspiredMedia
Nov 2014 - 518.8K views

Suffering a tragic and unexpected loss when skiing's unabashed maverick and Harlaut's friend Tom Warnick passed away early season, Harlaut started his wildest contest season yet: defending X-games gold, throwing Wu-tang signs in Russia during the premiere of slopestyle at the Olympics, and organizing his first ever invitational event with his brother, Phil Casabon. "Looking back at this year is so crazy for me," Harlaut says. "But I had the most fun and it'll all be exposed in 'The Road to Zion."After the craziness of the Olympics filming finally started Finland, Austria, Italy and back to Colorado, jet-setting back Europe for the premiere B&E inventational event and finishing it all off up in northern Sweden.

The Bunch - Finess

by TheBunch
Nov 2014 - 22.3K views We are TheBUNCH and you have finally arrived to our second full length film, Finess. This joint right here is one of the hottest blends of stylez, bends and presses ever. With out any requirements defining a whole new genre of skiing. We got a family of artists, skiers and producers put together. And by combining their talents and gifts developed way beyond our previous far out trip. We took the rarest ingredients, mixed them and fused it. And now we are giving it to you all so you can gain from it and use it Ofcourse we had to put our signature on it so you can't confuse it.

We Are The Faction Collective: #S02E01

by Faction
Jan 2015 - 20.6K views

From the deep pow-filled back woods of the south to the snow ghosts in the north, the Faction team explores the amazing terrain of Montana. Watch Adam Delorme, Tim McChesney and Duncan Adams drop pillows, slash pow, stomp double backs and sled in the uncharted big woods of the region.

Guatemalan Persuader (2003)

by InspiredMedia
Feb 2013 - 37.1K views

If you didn't get enough from Burger Time... then you will need to check out the highly anticipated 2nd production from Mercon Industries that was a 2 year project. Back at it with more insane carnage and up close broken bones, blood, shit and puke we took it to another level once again when we teamed up with magical creatures like Falcor from The Never Ending Story and drank 40oz with him! We also got to see Greg Tuffelmyer as he lurked though the windows of his gilrfriends pillow fights! I mean shit, who doesn't like boobs right! So enjoy The Guatemalan Persuader with once again some of the best skiing, drinking, shitting, puking, snowmobiling and whatever else happened. This movie is just pure awesomeness!!! Shit just doesn't happen like this anymore! If it did, no one would be sponsored because big companies are pussies and scared to let there athletes be there own person! Fuck all that shit, have fun, shred and ski with your friends! Because it could all be gone tomorrow as we all know! who knows... there might be a 3rd movie in the works!

Too Cool for a Season Edit

by el_mn_op
Apr 2015 - 863 views

2014-15 was my first full season on skis, and I spent it all in the park. Thanks to everyone who filmed me, encouraged me, gave me rides, taught me tricks, let me sleep on their floor, and were my friends! It was a great year, I got to know tons of incredible people, and I can't wait for the next season to begin!

Cameos: Cleo, Erica, Kylie

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