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Jaret Cross 2018/19

by crisscross
Apr 2019 - 321 views

This season was full of ups and downs. In and out of injuries, it was hard to get as much skiing time as I wanted. Along with that, on February 3rd my coach and inspiration, Andy McDowell had a tragic ski accident, and did not make it. Following this was tons of emotions, and thoughts of whether or not I wanted to keep skiing. But I know Andy would've thought I was out of my mind thinking that, so here are my best clips from my 2018/19 season.

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JARET CROSS - SEASON [2017/2018]

by crisscross
May 2018 - 585 views

By far one of the best ski seasons of my life. Even though the snow was nothing compared to last year, I progressed more than I imagined I could. I want to thank everyone who helped film, especially my friends from my local mountain.