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Brap 3 Trailer

by crazy_karl
Sep 6th - 2.2K views

Featuring Karl Fostvedt, Thayne Rich, McRae Williams, Chris Logan, WingTai Barrymore, Kai Van Bueren, Lars Chickering-Ayers, Toby Rafford, Collin Collins, Nick Reedy, Harlan Collins, Smasher

Filmed by
Olin Wimberg, Jasper Newton, Axel Peterson, Jeff Wright, Karl Fostvedt, AJ Dakoulas, Nick Reedy, Wyatt Caldwell, Yancy Caldwell, Caleb Ely, Dan Gibeau

Edited by
Karl Fostvedt

Color and Titles by
Pierce Klinke

Brap Ski 2 - 4K - Official

by crazy_karl
Oct 2022 - 902 views

100% Backcountry ski film featuring: Lucas Wachs, Thayne Rich, Daron Rahlves, WingTai Barrymore, McKenna Peterson, Lars and Silas Chickering-Ayers, Willy G, Kai Van Bueren, Ridge Dirksmeier, Wyatt Minor, Collin Collins, Harper Mallett, Toby Rafford, Lexi Dupont, Hedvig Wessel.


by crazy_karl
Aug 2022 - 2.8K views

It's been 10 years since I made the transition from street skier to powder hound. Brap Ski is the culmination of a decade spent learning the ropes in the backcountry. I love Brap Skiing because each day offers a unique set of challenges and adventure. Brapping has opened up a whole new world for me and the Brap Ski Crew. It's a pleasure to share some of the greatest and scariest moments from this pursuit. I hope you resonate with the authenticity of the Brap Ski movement, and get inspired to go explore the backcountry and hunt down some powder turns and good times. PSA to remember the basics if you're going into the backcountry: Always bring a beacon, shovel, probe, and take an avalanche course before you go out there and SEND IT!

Directed by: Karl Fostvedt and Axel Peterson
Filmed by: Axel Peterson, Jeff Wright, Dan Gibeau
Edited by: AJ Dakoulas

Featuring: Daron Rahlves, Lucas Wachs, Thayne Rich, Karl Fostvedt, McKenna Peterson, Lars Chickering-Ayers, Silas Chickering-Ayers, Lexi Dupont, Hedvig Wessel, Ridge Dirksmeier, Willy Griffith, Kai Van Bueren, John Ware, Dreyson Rahlves, Harper Mallot, WingTai Barrymore, Toby Rafford, Wyatt Minor, Shaun Poirot, Desi Sherwood, Collin Collins, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa

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