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Friday in the Park

by cboll
Jun 2020 - 1.5K views

Some mellow afternoon laps at Woodward Copper in February with Sean Jordan and Will Berman. Cameos from Tanner Mottau and E money. Additional footage from Ian Macy. Was planning on filming a bit more but this ended up being one of the last days of the season, so it is what it is!

Keystone Minute

by cboll
Nov 2019 - 2K views

I usually go with my GL2 or DVX potato cam for park laps, but switched it up one day last winter with Sean Jordan and Josh Karcher - hope this gets you hyped to ski!


by cboll
Mar 2016 - 4.6K views

Some random days switching the camera off during December and February at Keystone with Josh Karcher, Cam Boll, and Christian Allen. Cameos: Keegan Kilbride, Liam Downey, Mike King.

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Cam Boll 2013

by cboll
Feb 2014 - 5K views

My season was cut short from injuries last year so this is a quick edit of what I was able to film, enjoy!