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smALL 8

by beyonson
Feb 2016 - 3.4K views

This is by far the most difficult thing I've ever done on skis. This rail is around 4.5/5 feet long.

Boulder Laps

by beyonson
Dec 2015 - 269 views

This was the first day I got out this season. As many East Coasters know we aren't getting any snow. I finally came to peace with the fact that we weren't going to get snow at Seven Springs. So we rode up to Boulder.

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Trampoline Mini Edit

by beyonson
Apr 2015 - 459 views

In honor of getting a new trampoline soon I decided to move it in front of a tree and learn some new tricks. Despite the fact that the whole video was filmed on a tripod, I got some good shots and even managed to get a poorly landed double backflip. Don't take this edit too seriously.

Jon Died

by beyonson
Mar 2015 - 12.1K views

First of all, let me say this is not an experienced skier. He wanted to come along with us to try some new stuff. But you have to give him credit, he tried and tried again. He is also using an old pair of skis with squires on them.