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The Reopening

by Westward
Mar 2016 - 4.4K views

Shortly after closing weekend at Mount Saint Louis/Moonstone, Barrie was graced with some unusual late season snow; enough to open MSLM back up for one more weekend of beautiful, sunny park laps!

Featuring: Evan McEachran, Matt Crawford and Nevin Metzger
Produced by: Zac Hoffman


by Westward
Apr 2015 - 2K views

For the past three years Nevin and Zac have met up at Blue Mountain at the start of spring to shoot an edit. The general consensus seemed to be that people enjoyed them, and we thoroughly enjoyed making them! This year there was talking of switching up the plans a little bit; more skiers, new location, etc, but as the discussion went further we thought, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." We decided to go out and do the exact same thing, again. Everyone's happy.

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by Westward
Apr 2014 - 6.7K views

Jordan came home for a short while this spring, so we met up with him and some friends for three days of shooting at Mount St Louis. One day in the Junkyard while the Outback was prepped for the Sandy Boville Invitational, one day at SBI, and one day to wrap up the Ontario season with a private park shoot in the Outback. Skiers: Jordan Innes, Geoff Lovelace, Jack Irvine, Ross Fedyna, Rob Crenson. Music: Get Off Of My Cloud - The Rolling Stones, From Nowhere - Dan Croll

The End

by Westward
Jun 2013 - 10.5K views

For the 6th episode and series finale of Westward, the guys kill it in the Black park and get creative with a patrol shed on the last day. Some killer sunny days and a sick park setup made the end of the season the dopest one yet! Thanks to NSTV, Epic Planks, Whistler Blackcomb, and all of our friends and supporters who helped us make Westward a possibility over the last 3 years. Featuring the talents of: Ahren Stein, Jordan Innes, Max Morello, Matt Crawford, Blake Cameron, Paul Passek, Auzzy Hunter, Sean Mcelligott, Mack Jones, Liam Casey, Jarred Martin, Dane Degruyter, Cole Drexler, Dean Wheeler. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for whats to come from the creators of Westward! @Westwardtv

Home Is Where The Yard Is

by Westward
Nov 2013 - 5.1K views

Jordan can't keep off his skis for too long. A last minute decision brought him away from his newest home of Whistler, BC, to his longtime family home of Innisfil, Ontario. Thankfully Jordan's parents never took down the infamous Innes rail. After a couple trunk fulls of ice rink snow, this is what Jordan got down to, along with his friends Jeremy and Nick.