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Voleurz Outdoor Graduation teaser

Jul 2009 - 6.6K views

The teaser for "Outdoor Graduation"- a full length action sports film brought to you for free by the Voleurz Family. To be released in November 2009, Outdoor Graduation will feature the snowboarding, skiing and skateboarding talent of...

Max Hill, Braden Dean, Justin VDP, Josh Bibby, Cam Schuster, Shayne Zwickel, TJ Schiller, Jesmond Dubeau, Josh Stack, Andrew Jackson, Jan Schuster, Matt Margetts, Nugget, Tyler Holm, Corey Klim, Colston JVB, Tristan Jeswiet, Warren Williams, Paul Welters, Nathan Ramler, Trevan Salmon, Ian Cosco, Jeff Boake, Joe Schuster, Scott Sych, Barry Hartman, Mason Mashon, The Intern & friends.

Presented by
Whistler Blackcomb, Coors Light, Atomic Snowboards, Line Skis, Ogio, Newschoolers

A film by
Darren Rayner and the Voleurz Family

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Outdoor Graduation bail scenes

Jan 2010 - 12K views

We put together a montage of less-than-par clips from 2009. Usually big fancy super-corporations like us would hide such footage as this, but the humor got the best of us.

So here it is… kersmashes, ball-boinkers, snaps, crackles and some pops from the film Outdoor Graduation.