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David Berthiaume 2016/2017 Season Edit

by TurnYonder
Oct 2017 - 1.9K views

Big thanks to Alta Ski Area, The SNOW GODS, and all the homies for making this season one i'll never forget. Cheers to landing my first double backy, stomping Pyramid Gap, and all the memories made on the hill. Keep the stoke alive.

Davey's World: Aril Shred Sauce/ Pyramid gap sendoff

by TurnYonder
Apr 2017 - 3.1K views

Winters not over yet. I'm Super excited with how the month of April turned out. April 9th and 10th, Alta received over a foot of fluff pow pow,making for some of the best skiing of the year. With only a few weeks left here at Alta, I didn't want to waste an opportunities. Lets keep the stoke alive. Thank you Alta and the Alta Community for making this winter the best one yet. Theres something about this place that keeps me coming back for more. Keep the stoke alive and the shred going.

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Shredding Alta

by TurnYonder
Feb 2016 - 3.1K views

The first half of the season has been some of the best days of my life. Thank you snow gods for bringing the white stuff. Thank you all who helped in the making of this video. You all rock