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Epic Contest Highlights | Audi Nines 2018

by The_Audi_Nines
Apr 2018 - 268 views

It’s a wrap: winners in seven categories were crowned at the Audi Nines presented by Falken in Sölden, Austria. After a week of film and photo sessions, the Public Contest Day was seriously epic. The male and female skiers and snowboarders, as well as the Ski- and Snowboard Crossers showed thrilling performances on the new SlopeX course as well as Big Air and Quarterpipe. With the exciting set-up and perfect weather conditions drawing more than 3,000 spectators to Tiefenbach Glacier, the riders gave it their all and showed everyone they were eager to progress their sports. Stay tuned for way, way more footage to drop. Filmed by: Jonas Schnürch Manuel Rueda Thomas Dunzendorfer Thomas Schweighofer Michael Haunschmidt Julian Pinterelli Davide Spina Imanuel Thallinger FX Pergola Team Black Sheep Sean Balmer Mark von Roy GoPro Team: Alex Meliss Amadeus Klage Will Hodget Edited by: Sean Balmer & Michael Haunschmidt Motion Graphics: FX Pergola Song: Recognition by Thom Franck | Curtis Clacey | Jamie Elder Video Produced by: For more info visit:

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AUDI NINES I GoPro CoursePreview 2018

by The_Audi_Nines
Apr 2018 - 665 views

For its 10th edition, the Audi Nines did not only invite the best freeskiers and snowboarders on the planet but also a handful of selected legends as well as the who is who of the ski and snowboard cross community. With an all-new discipline, called SlopeX the Audi Nines brought together racing and freestyle in one unique course. Concluding things with a bang, the end section, which rounds out the course, provides not only one of the biggest jumps we ever build but also a gigantic quarterpipe. Come and take a walk through this year's massive course in Sölden together with Sebbe de Buck and James 'Woodsy' Woods. Shot 100% on GoPro. Produced by The Distillery | GoPro Team: Lukas Kusstatscher Alex Meliss Will Hodgett Amadeus Klage For more information head over to: