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Jun 2018 - 3.8K views

The art has reached Carravagio levels as SP and the TAFT/LINE Skis team converge in the Great State of Washington. Film/Edit: Brad Kopanke SP Merch: Featuring (In Order of Appearance): Taylor Brooke Lundquist Anders Fornelius Simon Knight AKA Slime AKA LoafyTheGod AKA LoafyNoGram Gabe Taube Keith Matsumura Khai Krepela LJ Strenio Rob Heule Kevin Salonius Connor Tilly Patrick Foster Tristan Tran Rachel Boisen Jack Borland Thanks to Mission Ridge and Stevens Pass Major shouts to King of the Rope sponsors: Jiberish Arsenic Anywhere Anjou Bakery, Cashmere, WA LINE Skis btc tip jar: 39f1fGqPkxKJ4EXZVA7Rwdt2t9gxousRQp


Mar 2018 - 867 views

March 24th at Mission Ridge. Join SP with special guests Andy Parry and the LINE/TAFT crew and compete for the crown. A multi-challenge event based on fun and creativity. Supported by: Jiberish, Arsenic Anywhere, LINE, MIssion Ridge Parks

SP FLEXTAPE (part 3)

Jan 2018 - 5.8K views

-THE ART IS BACK- SP TEES and CREWNECKS at: Filmed on location in Washington. Thank you to the illustrious Stevens Pass Mountain Resort and Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort. Film/Cut Brad Kopanke Featuring: Anders Fornelius Jake Salvador Skier Dan Slime aka Slime-on aka LoafMage aka MicroMage aka LoafyNoGram aka Simon Knight PFO Ben Merrill Shoutout to: Tony @ Mission Ridge Kelly @ Stevens Pass Sangwich Vishnu Freeski Anjou Bakery, Cashmere, WA

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SP FLEXTAPE (part 2)

Mar 2017 - 16.1K views

-FULL LENGTH EXTENDO CUT- IG: @thesauceposse * Watch Pt 1 here: * The art continues. The SP Delegation in action, early 2017. SP Merch available at: Shot on location in Washington. Thanks to: Stevens Pass Mountain Resort Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort Heather & Kevin @ Anjou Bakery, Cashmere, WA. Shot/Cut: Brad Kopanke Skiers: Tristan Tran Patrick Tilly Simon Knight Gabe Taube Jake Salvador Seth Hampson Ben Merrill Patrick Foster Jamie Baril Erik Stai Riley O'Donnell Brad Kopanke

SP FLEXTAPE 1 (part 1 of 2)

Jan 2017 - 4.2K views

WATCH PART 2 HERE: SUPPORT THE SAUCE: SP merch (hoods, hats, patches, stickers) AVAILABLE NOW at: The art is back: SP enjoying December 2016 in the Northwest. One video is not enough (PART TWO COMING SOON) Follow @thesauceposse on the gram for fairly consistent footy leaks Thanks to: Kelly @ Stevens Pass Mountain Resort Clayton @ Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort Shot/cut: Brad Kopanke additional shots: Nern Featuring (in order of appearance): Simon Knight Brad Kopanke Tristan Tran James Donella Patrick Foster Buster Burns Gabe Taube Ben Merrill Shot on location at: Stevens Pass Mountain Resort The Scummit Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort Whistler, BC

The Terios Kids

May 2017 - 5.5K views

*SP in JAPAN* We stuffed 4 dirty ski bums into a beast of a machine, a trusty Daihatsu "Terios Kid", for the 2016/17 winter in Hakuba, Japan -THIS IS THE LEGEND OF THE TERIOS KID- Skiers/Filmers: Ian Dahl Seth Hampson Drew Hurter Clint Christen Editing: Ian Dahl Seth Hampson Intro Graphics: Seth Hampson Songs: Bring it on Home- Led Zeppelin Down to the Waterline- Dire Straits Marinade- Dope Lemon Huge thanks to everyone at the Morino Lodge