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Ski The North

by Line_Skis
Jun 2015 - 12.8K views

Join skiers Rob Heule & Mack Jones, and snowboarder Pat Slimmon as they embark on a 30-day RV road trip to Canada?s North. A sequel to last years award-winning short film "Meanwhile in Canada", the boys are at it again. Press play and join in on their journey from Vancouver to the Yukon to find snow, unique features, and the elusive Chug.
Video created by critically acclaimed cinematographer Graeme Meiklejohn.


by TotallyTrevor
Sep 2015 - 39.1K views

It's definitely fall, meaning ski season definitely starts at some point sooner than if it were spring. Speaking of spring, who doesn't love spring skiing? Well, there's no better time than now to get into the spring break mindset. GET STOKED for the season and STAY STOKED. Skiers include: Evan Furbeyre, Pete Koukov, Conner Easton, Trevor Jansen, Boardslide-Dude, Seth Vaczy, Timmy Devos, Robert Bittner, Ryan Rasmussen, Zach Ryan, Austin Stevens, Karl Munthe, Nick Pease, Tucker, Scrappy Joe Young, and Chris Weir.