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Throughout the course of my education, which I recently completed (although law school is probably in the cards), I dreamed of moving out west. It seems like I've been a part of Newschoolers for as long as I can remember, and I suppose that represents something about my coming-of-age. I was on this site throughout my teens, some time before I registered an account. I used to post constantly, and though I've been skiing my entire life, the powder sessions that many of you experience daily during the winter months are few and far between for southerners. The dream has been elusive throughout my life. It's admittedly a difficult thing to explain.

I'm in my twenties now, my educational obligations completed, and the adolescent dream of moving out west has remained with me. This autumn, that's exactly what I'm doing. To paraphrase Kerouac, I want to stand on the roof of the continent and yell my head off. SkunKJiB

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