LJ Strenio Retires From Pro Skiing

by Sklar
Jan 5th 2022 - 44 comments

LJ Strenio, pro skier. Nix that, LJ Strenio, data scientist. One of Newschoolers’ own, and one of Newschoolers’ favorites is moving on from urban rails and trips in the TC van to crunching code and teaching machines to take over the world.

Doug Bishop Leaves Newschoolers Following Men’s Journal Takeover

by Sklar
Apr 1st 2019 - 30 comments

On February 1st this year, was acquired by Men’s Journal publisher American Media. While in the short term, this has meant little for the site, editorial direction and pressure from the company's higher-ups have finally pushed now former Newschoolers GM Doug Bishop to his breaking point - he’s quit.